About TechUp HQ

Just for tech meetups... because we're special!

Tech meetups are different. We understand tech and appreciate it. A meetup about canoing probably wouldn't understand why we need GitHub integration. Host your tech events with a site that understands you, and search for tech meetups where they can be found... here at TechUp HQ.

Twitter Integration.

No account creation is necessary, just log in using your Twitter account. If you want to stay up to date on someone's events, follow them. If you learned something new at an event, tweet about it. We find that the lower the barriers to entry, the higher the participation.

GitHub Integration.

We all know GitHub is awesome. We allow event planners to integrate their GitHub account so they can share presentation and source files for events. We also automatically create a GitHub hosted homepage for event planners that want one. Open source and sharing is a good thing!

We hate SPAM!

Doesn't everybody? We will only tweet if you want us to. Providing an email address is optional, and if you do, we will only email you what you ask for.

Free for users.

Users can browse events and follow event planners without even logging in. If they log in, they can view shared files and mark their attendance for events without a subscription.

Event planner subscriptions.

We don't have a concept of meetup "groups", just event planners. Anyone can become an event planner by taking advantage of our great subscription plans. Our introductory prices range from $2 to $5 per month.